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Skip the Extended Warranty It's generally not worth the money to buy an extended warranty for an LCD or plasma TV. Our survey data from thousands of TV buyers show that sets of both types from most major brands have had a very low rate of repairs for the first three years of use, and most repairs cost less than $200. A warranty often costs just as much if not more than that. Use a credit card that doubles your warranty, or shop at a retailer like Costco, which adds one year to the standard coverage. Detailed repair rates by brand are available to subscribers.
That Thing From EBAY Have you ever bought something from ebay? My LCD TV broke and I knew it was the power supply. I called the company and they didn't make the part any more. I paid 800 or 900 for the set about 4 years ago. I called the repair place and they said it could cost up to 300 to fix. I could buy a new TV, not as big, with a warranty. I went to EBAY and found a company that made power supplies and had the one I needed. I bought it for 145 and plugged it in. It blew the mainboard on the set. They said it was the TV's fault (bad TV!) and refunded all of my money except the 10.00 for shipping. I brought it to the repair shop and paid the 300 anyway. Sometimes it's just better to stay local and let the experts handle the repairs.
Shopping for Computers It's confusing. Who knows what to buy when you're shopping for a new PC? The website has lots of helpful tips, but they are selling computers. Are they selling you what's best for them or what's best for you? You should call your local computer repair person. If you've done business with them before, they'll probably give you some free advice. If not, it's probably worth it to pay for some advice now and get what you need instead of buying a lot of what you don't need and paying too much. You can call The Computer Guy anytime!
Buying a Boat There's a lot of good boat deals out there right now. You know it's due to the economy but I don't think people are selling them because they need the money. I think they're just too expensive to maintain. I wanted to buy a boat and started doing the usual research. After seeing cheap boats in yards and on craigs list, I started pricing out the rest. The storage alone can be from 150.00 to 400.00 a month for wet or high and dry storage. Then there's the insurance and the maintenance. It's an expensive hobby. I rented a boat for half a day for 200.00. These rentals are not insured so you're responsible for anything that happens while you're on it. You also have to fill it up when you bring it back. 50.00! Back to the drawing board. Check out Waves Boat and Social Club. It's a great alternative.
Shopping for Puppies My wife and kids have been hounding me for a puppy for years now. (Get it? It's funny cause it's so bad.) I finally broke down and took the plunge. Who doesn't love a puppy? Well so far so good. I spoke to a rescue pet person and they were very upset with me. I should have adopted a dog insteaed of spending so much money on a puppy. Maybe, but I'm not really a dog person. I don't think I could handle a dog with issues. A new puppy is one thing. Kind of like a clean slate. But a dog that has been neglected or abused is going to need a lot of extra attention and I know I'm not that guy. Which way would you go? If you are that guy or girl, check out Underdog Rescue. They have the pet for you. Of course, most of the dogs up for adoption are not abused and neglected, that's just me telling a story.

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