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Skip the Anti-Bacterial Soaps Studies suggest that triclosan and triclocarban, the chemicals in antibacterial soap, may affect reproductive hormones and the nervous system. Babies and children may be especially vulnerable during particular developmental stages. Studies also suggest that plain soap is as effective at killing disease causing germs.
Don't Buy What You Don't Need Some people use sales as an excuse to buy things that they don't need. I purposely don't cut coupons on a regular basis for exactly this reason. Holding a coupon in my hand leads me to believe that I'm going to get a great deal on something that I wouldn't have bought if I hadn't found the coupon at all. The coupon or sale ad put the idea in my head, so obviously the ad has done its job. Many people see a coupon or a sale ad and decide that the product on sale is something that they need. We confuse our wants and needs on a regular basis. Always take a step back and reevaluate whether or not the item you are going to buy is something you actually need.
Furniture Prices Don't be fooled by the 'same' piece of furniture being offered at different stores at drastically different prices. There are three possible reasons you might see this. The first, and obvious, answer is that one store simply charges higher prices for its merchandise. The second reason is that one store's selling price includes services, like free delivery, that are not included in first store's price. The third possible reason is the scariest. Furniture manufacturers often copy each other's best selling styles. When they do, they sometimes remove a few of the unseen quality construction features built into the original. Worse yet, the best quality and poorest quality piece may both be offered at the same price! (That means more profit for the retailer.) Unless you know how to tell the difference, you could easily pay the high quality price for the poor quality piece.
Buying a Mattress Be wary when buying a mattress from a retailer that offers you a satisfaction or 'comfort' guarantee. Major mattress manufacturers do not allow retailers to return to them mattresses that customers simply did not find comfortable. Regardless of what you may think, the major name brand bedding manufacturers do not rebuild new mattresses from old ones. Let's say your neighbor (you know, the one who only bathes on holidays) purchases a new mattress from a store that offers a 'satisfaction' guarantee. He, and his dog, sleep on it for a week and decide that it just isn't comfortable. He returns the mattress to the store for a different model. You then go to the same store and happen to buy the same model your neighbor just returned. The store, since it cannot return your neighbor's mattress to the manufacturer, can simply deliver it to you. The store is happy because it got rid of the returned mattress. You are happy because you are sleeping on a mattress that you think is factory fresh.
Don't Buy Expensive Cables Prestige brands offer very-high-priced cables. You'll see some HDMI cables in the 6-foot-range (a typical length) selling for $100 or more, and longer cables that cost several times that. We've found that modestly-priced brands sold at most consumer electronics stores for half that price or less should be fine for typical use. Avoid inexpensive cables at dollar stores; those might have flimsy connectors or inadequate shielding on the cable itself.

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