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Don't Leave Money on the Table You do not have to be a coupon junky to enjoy thrifty savings from bringing your coupons with you to the store. Just thumb through magazines and newspapers and clip out the coupons on products you already enjoy. Your savings will add up fast without investing tons of time into clipping and organizing coupons.
Stockpile When you see an exceptional buy on something, go ahead and stockpile. Take for example, tube-socks that are marked down because the packaging is old or they are from the previous season. Often they will sell for $3.00 or less a dozen. Go ahead and buy 4-dozen. Do the math - you can get 48 pairs of socks for .25 cents a pair. Now that is a deal.
Bring your Calculator It is hard at times, especially in a busy grocery store, to figure out how much you are paying for a specific item. Take for example, toilet paper. Have you ever stood, staring at rolls of toilet paper, while the figures run through your head? It is a difficult task to figure out how many sheets you are getting, at what price, if you are doing the math in your head. A calculator will help you quickly and confidently, find the best deals in the store. There is a calculator on your cell phone.
Be Choosey About Where You Shop Shop at stores that regularly offer customers free product samples and in-store coupons. This does not only apply to grocery stores but cosmetic counters are a great place to get a handful of free products with your purchase. Take for example, Clinique. They often have bonus packages that include a cosmetic pouch filled with decent sized samples of lipstick, mascara, moisturizer, and other products they wish to promote. Wait for the bonus days to refill your foundation and bring home a bag of freebee's along with it.
Know the Sales Calendar at Your Favorite Stores Learn when your favorite stores take their markdowns. For example, did you know that Target often takes markdowns on the kids clothing and electronics on Monday, women's clothing and domestic products on Tuesday, men's clothing, toys, health and beauty, on Wednesday? This is valuable information if you are a regular Target shopper.

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