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People who have pets dont believe their pets are animals. They become Family members with their own status level just like everyone else in the Family. Sometimes they have a low or medium status, but most of the time they have the highest status of all. Our pets need special care and lots of love and attention. What do they give in return? Unconditional love. Thats the great lure of owning a pet. Or do they own us? Dog people, cat people, bird people, the cat lady. People get described by their love of certain animals. If youre walking your dog in the neighborhood, it seems to be much easier to speak to the people you would normally just pass on the street. Walk with a parrot or a snake on your shoulders and youll really be popular. Theres something about pets that make people want to reach out. When its time to get the best in care and nutrition, or just time to buy that new toy, pet bed or litter pan, youll find what you need right here on

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