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When I first came to Florida, landscaping was mowing the lawn. I never thought about lighting, fountains, ponds, mulch, rock gardens, hedges, fences, paver walkways and all of the other decorative components that landscaping can achieve. The landscaping idea list goes on and on. It's really possible to create that outdoor, backyard paradise you've always dreamed of by sculpting your landscape. Most places will help you create a beautiful, original design from your existing landscape. You really have to look into this stuff because not only will you get a lot more enjoyment from your backyard, you will also increase the value of your home. It's a win win situation! Of course, curb appeal is always the most important part of that first impression of your home. Landscaping and even lawn maintenance is a must and it actually can be cheaper to have professionals do the job for you in the long run. Just the equipment cost and maintenance can be a huge dollar amount year over year. You'll have to do the math and see what works best for you. Here on, we list some of the best Landscaping and Outdoor Product professionals the Bradenton - Sarasota area has to offer.

Landscaping for the Bradenton ~ Sarasota area: