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Try searching for Art History on the internet. There are over 69 million results. You can describe an artist by their art but you can’t describe art by the artist. Out of 69 million results, there aren’t many styles. Now an artist might say, “Hold on! I have my very own unique style.” Maybe. Probably not. I’m no artist, but after trying my hand at it I just might be. That’s the great thing about art. Certain art only matters to certain people. We all like different things so, of course, we all enjoy different types and styles of art.
I found this unbelievable art site here: Art History

Artists come in all shapes sizes and flavors. Here's a painting I did. Does this make me an Artist? My friends say I'm talented but their opinion is skewed. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'll buy that. Before you can decide on an artist to create some masterpiece for you, you'll want to see their portfolio. Skinnylinks gives you the chance to sample some great works by local Artists. Whether you'd like to commission a painting or just have someone put some great designs in your home, Skinnylinks has the Artist for you.

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Doms original painting.

Here are some great local artists in the Bradenton ~ Sarasota area: