Shoe Salon

"Under the radar no more", Tatyana Sharoubim and partner Joe Seidensticker have come out in style. The pair met while attending Rollins College in Winter Park, took over her father Makram's upscale Raleigh, N.C. based Georgiano's Shoe Salon when he died in 2005. Within months the cyber-store was born. "We figured if we built an online business based on my dad's passion for great shoe design and customer service, we could live wherever we chose," says Sharoubim. They chose Sarasota, Florida. Two years later they've come full circle with a nouveau- Venetian store in the heart of downtown. Their uber-elegant new T.Georgiano's Shoe Salon has instantly become a go-to haven of the best of Italy's most coveted names, a brick and mortar complement to their stunningly successful online boutique.They pride themselves on offering outstanding customer service, quality merchandise, and high style, all at affordable price points for the fashion conscious buyer worldwide. The shoe salon dedicates itself to building friendships and great relationships with all its clientèle to always ensure the best product with the ultimate satisfaction.


1409-B 1st Street
Sarasota , FL 34236
Phone: 941-870-0694

Fax: 941-870-3761