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How long have florists been perfecting their trade? Flowers have been used for centuries as decoration, personal adornment, or for religious significance. Ancient Egyptians used flowers to honor their many gods and goddesses. Flowers were arranged in low bowls in an orderly, repetitious pattern-flower, bud, foliage, and so on. Special spouted vases were also used to hold flowers. Lotus flowers, also called water lilies, were Egyptian favorites. They came to symbolize sacredness and were associated with Isis, the Egyptian nature goddess. Flowers were sometimes used as decorations for the body, collar, and hair.

Flowers were fashioned into elaborate wreaths and garlands by the ancient Greeks. The best wreath makers were often commissioned by wealthy Greeks to make wreaths for gifts, awards, or decoration. Chaplets, special wreaths for the head, were especially popular. Cornucopia, a horn-shaped container still used today, was filled with arrangements of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Flowers arranged into wreaths and garlands were also popular in ancient Rome and well through to the Middle Ages.

Theres something about Flowers that makes people feel better. Maybe it's the fragrant petals or the bright colors that remind us of spring time. That time of re-birth. There's not one occasion that doesn't warrant flowers. Red Roses represent passion and romance while white Roses represent purity. Even at times of mourning, people find comfort in flowers. Whenever they're given, they usually represent a special occasion although, it's best to get flowers for no reason at all.

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